Cut off the braided shielding and filler; positive (white) soldered to center, ground (blue) soldered to outer ring


[ optional: 9560T8 ]

After soldering, dip past the outer cable; the result if virutally water-proof, though it may deaden your sound somewhat; a bit of heat-shrink tubing over the dipped edge will help prevent it from peeling



Any length up to about 12 feet (4 meters) works fine - over that and you may experience some signal loss


NP2C-B  or  NC3MX

1/4" connector: cut off filler; twist braided shielding into ground (blue), solder to bottom portion; solder positive (white) to inner cup

XLR: cut off filler; most standard equipment is wired ground (braided shield) to #1, positive (white) to #2, and negative (blue) to #3



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